Cheating in a Relationship

so many people consider cheating as a norm, they often say it rains everywhere, am ok with it, it’s a man’s world and the likes… this has led many to believe that men cheat more in relationships.

Cheating in a relationship is often caused by unfulfillment, lack of something desirable, emptiness, frustration, loneliness, bitterness and resentment. When a spouse or partner starts feeling any of these, cheating is bound to occur. Irrespective of whoever experiences any of these in a relationship, be it a man or a woman. This is the ground breaking truth, the fact. Women also cheat just like men. Women are emotional and men are influenced by the physical and so it is more catastrophic when women cheat, as they completely stop having feelings or emotions for their spouse or partner and start having feelings or emotions for whom they are cheating with and this could lead to the end of their relationship or marriage. Men on the other hand are attracted to what they see and touch, and so when they feel unfulfilled, empty, they can cheat with just anyone they think will bring them out from that state and so they keep searching from one to the other. Many a times, it is sexual fulfillment they are searching for, they meet someone that gives it to them, the way they thought they wanted, but soon after, they still feel unfulfilled and empty, why you may ask? The fact is rooted in the mystery of sexual act. You cannot get sexual fulfillment alone without fulfilling the other, the pleasure and satisfaction derived from the act is meant to be mutual. This is the reason why men who jump from one person to another do so because they are not able to satisfy any woman and so they keep searching for what they do not even know is missing. Most men do not know how to satisfy their women, they say, “oh, this is my wife, so I cannot do with her what I do with other women outside”, as a matter of fact, I have listened to men say this and I cannot but laugh at such ignorance and misgivings. How can you pleasure and satisfy your spouse if you think this way.

It is therefore important for women to realise that they must change the narrative. It should be the other way around, as in: “oh I cannot do with other women, what I do with my wife”

Many women are timid and ignorant too. Sexual fulfillment and satisfaction is a two way street. Your spouse cannot be fulfilled and satisfied when you are not, you too cannot be fulfilled and satisfied when they are not. Know that anytime you are left hanging, unsatisfied sexually, do not think that your oh so long as he has cum, he is satisfied, no!. It may seem like it but it is not, sexual act is a mysterious act, he can only be satisfied when you are satisfied and so do all you can for both of you to get satisfaction. Likewise the male folk. To achieve this, develop a tactics or method, some adopt the tactics of keeping scores. For the first round, both spouses could reach orgasim, and if it is the man that cums in the first round, you say 1-0, then ensure there’s a second round and you both should endeavour to equalise to make it 1-1.

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